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About The Show

PRICE CHECK! is a brand new Australian musical comedy about the dysfunctional lives of four Independent Supermarket employees.
School kids all over the nation work part time jobs in supermarkets which makes this show relevant and hilarious to high school audiences.
Featuring 5 main characters, 4 supermarket sprites plus a large chorus of employees and customers, the show allows teachers to work closely
with a small group of lead performers on the show's dramatic content and an opportunity to work with larger groups of students when it comes
to the chorus numbers. Book Price Check! The Musical for your next School or Community show now!

Cast List

Mrs Zimmerman - An elderly Jewish lady suffering from loneliness and a bad bout of sharp tongue
Mr Butler - A profit hungry Store Manager struggling with a bitter divorce and a bad dance routine
Narelle Sims - A widowed Checkout Chick slowly working her way through the junior shelf stackers
Dave Fisher - A geeky Store Assistant flaunting his arts degree about, hoping for an in house promotion
Zayeeb Dash - A new migrant who fancies his fruit and vegetables and attempts to conquer the strange Aussie vernacular
Supermarket Sprites - 4 Magical Dancers, Singers and Set Changers
Chorus of Customers and Employees - Extra Dancers and Singers

Technical Elements

The Set
The entire set is on wheels - An L shaped checkout, two lots of shelves, chequered flooring, a fruit & veg stall and office chairs.
Building the two supermarket shelves encourages kids to recycle by collecting empty packaging for the shelving.
Shopping trolleys and roll cage can be borrowed from your local supermarket. They might even sponsor your show!

Music can be played by one pianist, a 3 piece band (piano, bass & percussion), large orchestra or you can use our backing tracks

You can adapt any standard lighting rig. See LX design here.

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