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Theatre Works 2015

Theatre Works - World Premiere
Wednesday 26th-Sunday 30th August 2015
5 Performances

Directed by Noel Anderson
Choreographed by Dana Jolly
Musical Director/Pianist: Rainer Pollard

Mrs Zimmerman - Jacqy Phillips
Mr Butler - Paul Dawber
Zayeeb Dash - Grant Durham
Narelle Sims - Belinda Hanne Reid
Dave Fisher - Sean Weatherly

Brett Fisher
Karla Hillam
Jane Kingsford
Samantha Merckel
Danae Stewart
Camille Wai

"Christmas in October"

The Tea Room with Dave, Narelle and Zayeeb

The Tea Room with Dave, Narelle and Zayeeb

"It's On Sale"

The Price Check Set

Jacqy Phillips & Paul Dawber during rehearsals

"Nuts About Fruit" - Zayeeb and Ensemble

Narelle, Mr Butler, Dave & Zayeeb

Dave and Zayeeb on lunch break

"The End of the Line"

Zayeeb and Mrs Zimmerman

Mrs Zimmerman and Dave

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