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The Writers

Sean Weatherly
Composer & Lyricist

Sean graduated from the Flinders Drama Centre in 2002 with a BA (Honours). He produced and performed in the sell-out 13 show season of Tomfoolery for the 2008 Adelaide Fringe at La Boheme. In Melbourne he performed in the world premieres of The Umbrella Plays, The Evolution of Incompetence and Friday Night In Town at La Mama. He also composed on A Narrow Time for Angels - The Musical for the 2011 Midsumma Festival. He currently owns and operates a successful Children's Entertainment service in Melbourne and his TV work includes a guest role on Underbelly Squizzy. Other musical productions Sean has performed in include Saturday Night with Magnormos, McCubbin at the BMW Edge Federation Square as well as many performances of Sing Your Own Musical for the Melbourne Arts Festival and Adelaide Cabaret Festival. He produced and performed in the premiere of Price Check! The Musical at Theatre Works in St Kilda in 2015 and The Bakehouse Theatre in 2016.

Cerise de Gelder Book & Lyricist

Cerise has had plays performed all around Australia, in the USA, New Zealand, Canada, India, Malaysia, Dubai and the UK, on stage, film, radio and TV. Since 2004 she has been a regular participant in Melbourne Writers' Theatre seasons, Williamstown Little Theatre Play Six, Walking Into Bars Productions, Baggage Productions Madwomen Monologues, the Adelaide Fringe Festival, Flinders University Drama Centre, and Broken Mirror Productions. Full-length productions have included A Narrow Time For Angels (The Storeroom), Searching For Comets and A Narrow Time For Angels - The Musical (Midsumma Festival), The Umbrella Plays (Adelaide Fringe) and Just Douglas (Accidental Productions, Adelaide Fringe), a Melbourne Writers' Theatre season at La Mama First George and Then Sally and The Cherry Umbrella and Beyond Sky There Be Dragons in the Melbourne Fringe at Revolt.

A Show is Born!

The idea for the show began when Sean moved to Melbourne after graduating from Flinders Drama Centre. He was working for Coles Supermarkets in Elsternwick. During that time in 2003 he was cast in the very first Magnormos production of Sondheim's Saturday Night starring Matthew Robinson. The following year in 2004 Sean produced Tomfoolery at Chapel off Chapel (Directed by the late Michael Fuller) and fell in love with Tom Lehrer's satire. Whilst performing at the Adelaide Cabaret Festival in 2006, Sean saw Matthew Robinson's first penned work Metro Street. Seeing a new Australian musical brought up an important question... What makes a musical Australian? How do you take a genre that is historically part of American culture and make it worthy of being called Australian? Whilst packing the shelves in the freezer department at Coles the answer became clear. American culture is all around us. We can't escape from it especially working in a supermarket! Price Check was born and became the title for the first song written with the influence from an off-broadway musical "An Unfinished Song" and Tom Lehrer. Four more songs followed but the show was put away for a few years whilst Sean concentrated on other projects including producing Tomfoolery in Adelaide in 2008 for the Adelaide Fringe (Also Directed by Michael Fuller). In 2010 Sean visited Michael in Adelaide during the Xmas holidays and they fleshed out a rough storyline of the show. Sean returned to Melbourne and wrote the music and lyrics to a further 5 songs. In 2012 Sean went to the Brunswick Mechanics Institute to see a series of One Act Plays, penned by Alex Broun and Melbourne playwright Cerise de Gelder. Having performed in the world premiere of Cerise's amazing The Umbrella Plays at La Mama (recently performed at The Bakehouse) and getting to know her and her work over several Short and Sweet Festivals, it suddenly became apparent that Cerise should write the book. Within a month Sean received an email with the first draft of Price Check! The Musical. For two hours he sat at his laptop laughing hysterically. Not only did Cerise write the entire book but she also completed the remaining lyrics for the remaining 3 songs. Those songs were composed within 2 weeks! The first reading of the show took place at La Mama's Carlton Courthouse with Q and A session afterwards. After analysing audience feedback, Sean and Cerise sat down and re-worked the show. In 2014 two workshop readings were part of the Adelaide Cabaret Fringe at La Boheme (also Directed by Michael Fuller) with another opportunity for audience feedback. It was then back to the drawing board to complete many more drafts. Price Check! The Musical premiered at Theatre Works in St Kilda from 26th-30th August-30th 2015. After Theatre Works again the show was re-worked, changed and polished further for the Adelaide premiere at The Bakehouse Theatre in 2016.

We would like to dedicate this show to the late Michael Fuller who passed away at the end of January, 2016.

In Loving Memory xoxo

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